If Glencairn P. S. must be closed due to – severe weather, cancelled buses,  lack of hydro, heat, broken water main etc.

  • There will be an announcement early in the morning on the local radio stations to announce school closures. You can check the school website:  gcp.wrdsb.ca or board website:  www.wrdsb.ca.  PLEASE LISTEN TO WHETHER THE SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED. 
  • Once the school has opened, we will remain open until your child’s regular dismissal time at 3:25 p.m. even if the weather deteriorates.
  • If at anytime the weather causes you concern for your children’s safety, you have the option of keeping them at home or picking them up before their regular dismissal time.
  • Although every effort is made to keep the school open, there may be an emergency which will cause us to close the school mid-day. In that case, we will contact you or an alternate so that you can either pick your child up or give permission for your child to walk home.  For this reason, we request that you make sure that the contact information that we have for you remains up-to-date.